Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation                                                                           1/01/2001
The Tomb Raider legacy began with Lara Croft's first adventure, and from the moment she stepped out onto the screen, she was a hit. Despite some problems with controlling her through the pitfalls she had to face, the game broke new ground in the action genre.

The Last Revelation, to put it bluntly, isn't much of a revelation at all. I had picked the game up expecting (foolishly so) to see something new; something that I hadn't seen in previous outings.

Now to be fair, Lara has a few new moves and a few new weapons to spice up this adventure, but the differences were too few and too bland to breath new life into the series.

Don't get me wrong! The game is a lot of fun to play! I loved the original and all the successive releases, and the fact that you get what you always got with this one is hardly a criticism! I loved the game, and intend to play it again, but just don't expect anything new here.

The graphics are sharp and the detail is impressive, though these types of games are always frustrating for me. If I come up against a door that looks like it is made out of wood, and I throw a grenade at it, I expect it to blow up! This game, like other puzzle solvers, requires certain things be done in a order to advance, whether or not other options seem to make as much or more sense.

The opening sequence has Lara as a youngster learning the tricks of the trade from her mentor. Replay value is reduced by the fact I could not skip this sequence, and it does take some time to get through.

A few of the puzzles are very frustrating, and when I happened to stumble upon the answer, my frustration grew as the I realized that sometimes the answer made little logical sense.

Having said all that, the game is fun to play. The weapons and vehicles make for nice diversion, and in the end, I would recommend this game to fans of the series.

I was a little disappointed that Eidos and Core Design were not able to break new ground with this, the supposed final in the series, but hats off to them for giving us a great series, and ending in on a high, if not magnificent, note.

by Galen Wilding  

Ups: New moves, weapons and vehicles to enhance the adventure.

Overall Score: 75

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Developer: Core Design

Publisher: Eidos Interactive

Downs: Not much new here; simply more of the same as in past releases.
Lowdown: Fun to play, though expect to get what you always got.

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