High Heat Baseball 2001                                                                       1/01/2001

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Developer and Publisher: 3DO


I am an avid EA sports fan, and resisted buying any game that was not made by them for a long time. After last year's major hit, I decided to try out the new baseball series everyone was raving about. I chose to wait for High Heat 2001, and enjoy the extra features.

The game had a few minor bugs, but fortunately they released a patch quickly. This is not your average arcade sports game. This is a hardcore simulation game which delivers all the stats and realism that no other sports game has been able to give. For those of you who are looking for an arcade baseball game, the fully customizable level of play can be for you too. The career mode is very realistic. I am playing my fourth season in a row with my fantasy drafted New York Yankees. It is a lot of fun to watch a drafted rookie develop through the minors, and become an All Star in the majors. You can have control over your minor league teams too, or let the computer manage them. 

With a lot of the other sports games I play, it seems that the game gets too easy at one level of play, and if I try to increase it, the game becomes too hard. All of that goes away with High Heat baseball. In the game directory is a file called Tune.txt. With this file you can fully customize the game level to the way you want it. It will keep your games consistent as your level of play increases. This excellent feature has allowed me to keep interest in the game much longer than any other sports games. 

The graphics, sound effects, and commentary are all top notch. All the stadiums are in the game, and look great. The player animations are great, as your players dive for catches, and run into the back wall and knock themselves out. Some of the many details in the game are great. Like hitting a home run at an away game, the fans will sometimes throw the ball back. 

The game also supports multiplayer on Mplayer, Heat, and the MSN Gaming zone. I wouldn't even think about buying another companies baseball game at this point. All I want now is for 3DO to make a football game!

by Jasos  

UPs: Incredible detail, and gameplay.

Overall Score: 94 

Downs: Few minor bugs, but don't let that bother you.


Lowdown: Overall one of the best sports games to date.

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