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01/15/02 § The first patch was released for Return to Castle Wolfenstein the other day, and fixes a variety of multiplayer problems.

And on a completely different topic, but one that seems to come up a lot here... A request from ME to YOU. Stop requesting "The Sims" patches!!! It says right there above the button "Please check our listings before you request something; we may already have it!" And guess what... it's Already Listed, right there on the "S" page!

Just as a reminder, we don't actually host the patches here (except in a few special cases), we link to Official Websites. If they require you to register with them, you have to either register with them, or download it from somewhere else. There is, unfortunately, not much else we can do. I have more than once directed requests to other gaming sites that DO have the bandwidth to host patches. It's all about supporting You, the Gamer. But please! Give me some support too!

Thank you for your support, and feel free to contact us here

Recent Additions
 Heroes of M+M IV v1.2 5-2
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 Global Operations v1.2 4-14
 Ghost Recon: Desert Siege 4-13
 Sid Meier's SimGolf v1.2 4-7
 Might and Magic IX v1.2 4-7
 Ghost Recon v1.2.10.0 4-6
 AvP 2 v1.0.9.5 3-31
 Pool of Radiance 2 v1.4 3-25
 MS Train Simulator 3-25
 C&C Renegade v1.0.1.5 3-25
 RTCW v1.3 3-25
 Star Trek Armada II v1.1 1-29
 Medal of Honor v1.1 1-25
 Operation Flashpoint v1.42 1-24
 Kohan: AG v1.3.2 1-24
 Beach Head 2002 v1.0 1-24
 Max Payne v1.05 1-24
 IL-2 Sturmovik v1.03 1-24

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