New 2010 Apple Macbook Pro Release

New 2010 Apple Macbook Pro Release | Information, Specs & Reviews

Apple announced today (April 13, 2010) that they will be releasing new line of Macbook Pro laptop computers. The new mac book pros will make use of Intel’s powerful i5 and i7 core processors. The new macbooks will be released with two main configurations. The Intel i5 Macbook Pro will carry a 2.4GHz or 2.53GHz processor and the Macbook Pro Core i7 will boast a 2.66 processor. All configurations start off with 4GB of ram preconfigured and is upgradable up to 8GB.
New 2010 Macbook Pro Release

The Macbook Pro Hard drive options will include:
500 GB Serial ATA Drive (5400 RPM) – Standard option for all models

Upgradable Macbook Pro Hard drive Options:
* 500GB Serial ATA Drive (7200 rpm)
* 128GB Solid State Drive
* 256GB Solid State Drive
* 512GB Solid State Drive

Video Card Options for the Macbook:
NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M with 256MB on the i5 configuration
NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M with 512MB on the i7 configuration

The New Apple Macbook Pro Pricing Chart:
* The new 13″ inch MacBook Pro with 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo starts at $1199
* The 15″ inch MacBook Pro with 2.4GHz Core i5 starts at $1799
* The 17″ inch MacBook Pro with 2.53GHz Core i5 starts at $2299

Apple announced that the new line of Macbook Pros boost preformance by nearly 50% over it’s current lineup. This much awaited release is said to be a huge hit within the apple community.


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Metaio : Augmented Reality Video (AR Books)

Video Demonstration of Augmented Reality Books

A German company called Metaio is developing a new system that turns regular old books into reality-augmented 3D objects, with models of things like globes sprouting off of the pages. All you need to get it working is a webcam, the software and a book designed for the system and you’ll be checking out things like UFOs flying above your book.
YouTube Preview Image

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Hello World

Testing update


Guitar Praise – PC Guitar Game Review

Guitar Praise – The Christian Rockband Review

Guitar Praise Game
Guitar Praise is the latest game from a small software developer called Digital Praise. It is basically a Christian version of popular music games like Guitar Hero and Rockband. Digital Praise is well known for a computer dance game called Dance Praise 2 as well as a host of other games including VeggieTales and Adventure in Odyssey based games. Digital Praise’s track record is very good so when they announced Guitar Praise, I was eager to see the final product. After all, faith based music is a thriving segment of the entertainment industry and it has been all but shunned by the makers of popular music games. Now saying all of that, ‘Christian’ games tend to not to live up to what they try to mimic for one reason or another.

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